Get on the party list  Text us at 916 548 8102

Get on the party list  Text us at 916 548 8102

​​​​​Magical Garden is Waiting for You

You will find a 20' BYOB Bar that keeps your Alcohol & Name Brand Sodas and Mixers that don't cost you a Dime!

"But you might want to tip the Bartender"

JUNE 23rd

Our first Luau of the 2018 Summer Season of Luaus

You can click on the banner and find us here we are "cplwillplay" Swingers


All these are good reasons to come to the party. There are so many more .

 You can Text us at 916 548 8102 and we will explain you how to get a invite to the party . 

Hello and welcome to The Erotic Garden 

About 12 years ago we started a small house

party . We are now the #1 House Party in the

Nation.  It is more fun & more people than

other  parties.  We also offer a well stocked

BYOB Tiki bar  To save you money, Drinks do not 

cost $5-15

each, Bring your own alcohol and we will keep

it safe and give your mixed drinks . There will

be hot dogs and snacks & Along with that we have

a Dessert Bar that will have Desserts All night

ong. A DJ and we have great lighting and sound.

The seating is also upscale. There are lockers

if you bring a lock feel free to use them.

It is a Garden Party so dress  to be outdoors. We have 4 patios with fireplaces and all have heaters for cool weather.

EROTIC  GARDEN   The Sacramento Valleys First Choice for Private Lifestyle Parties  

What is Erotic Garden All About?

Some love a dip in the spa with other fun loving guests?

The Two Dance Poles  see a 

Lot of Sexy Fun 


the Fantasy"

Hundreds of Sexy People Freely Dancing, Drinking and Enjoying a  Evening of Debauchery, is one reason 

​" a damn good one"

​​It is a party of several hundred like minded  consenting adults  having fun.​

Maybe you will like the resort like  Patios with fireplaces around the big dance floor? The great sounds from our D.J. or the fun lighting."We love it sparkling & light coming off the fires"

Get on the party list  Text us at 916 548 8102

Get on the party list  Text us at 916 548 8102

Why Erotic Garden?

Playrooms are Nearby for other fun