We are a BYOB Party

… You must bring your own alcohol if you choose to drink while you are with us.  All mixers are included. Your alcohol must be checked at the Tiki bar and you are given a number to claim it and have a drink made for you. After the night is over all unclaimed booze is thrown away. Drink responciablely Drunks may not be invited back.  Our staff works very hard please tip.

What to bring with us? Your booze, we can not sell you any alcohol. A lock we have lockers for your belongings. If you tend to get cold bring a swetter.  Women should bring flats to walk in along with dancing shoes. Tips for staff and any sexy products you may require.  We will have condums and lube. Pratice Safe Sex.

We want to Bring a Date'

to the party? Not a problem,  couples may bring a date at anytime. They pay the single donation price. Single males may also bring a date  if you do she is free you pay the single male price. BIG RULE if you come as a couple you must also LEAVE as a couple Other couples attending may get annoyed if you are  on the loose without your  Partner.

I am a Single Man? 

Keep in mind we are a couples lifestyle party!  This is not a brothel ! It’s a PRIVILEGE for you to attend.

Rule #1 single men MUST abide by; No means No. Even if in the middle of something someone changes their mind. We do NOT allow touching of any kind without permission. EVER

#2Approach a single woman with respect.  Approach a couple as a couple, not just the lady!  No solo husbands or single men may enter rooms only if invited. If a door is closed DO NOT ATTEMPT to open it. We do not give refunds or 2nd chances, when you are banned that’s it…. No aggressive behavior is allowed or tolerated!

That said if you wish to attend the party you must Go through a SwingLifeStyle  Use the Banner below and set up a profile. You must have a photo posted there that we can have access to.

Congratulations :

You have Found the Best House Party Anywhere.

 We have the largest attendence of any party anywhere. Don't expect other parties you have been to to be anything like a Erotic Garden Party we have been at it 10 yeaes and know how to throw a party by now. WE hope to have you join us as we start our 11th year of great parties  This is a bit about what EG has to offer you when you visit us.  

The Music:This party has the Best DJ we could find to make the music the best it can be. He is Good

The Dance Floor:  Is a dedicated dance floor. Professional lighting. Professional Sound and two Dance poles.

The Tiki Bar:   Is a 20ft Granite Bar with all the decore to make it fun. We have a 750 pound ice maker  We provide name brand sodas such as Coke ,  Dr. Pepper, Sprite, and juice mixers. The Bartenders work hard all they get are your tips.

The Food and Desserts: Ok we pride our selves on the food here. No reason to go pay more money for a treat after you leave here.

How Do I/We Attend?

It is best to have a profile set up on Swing Life Style to see who is coming. Be able to reach out to other couples you will meet here. There you can sign up, get approved and be seen by other couples wishing to attend the party, It is safe and easy to use. Reasonalbly priced if you choose to become paid members. We sudjest a lifetime membership there. Reasonable and they do not keep asking for more as most of the site do. Best is you can see what it is for free.                                                    We do not take advance payment at this time. Pay at the door in cash.


We have limmited inside parking. The cost to park inside is $10. Your car is inside the gates and easy to get to. Other parking is outside the gates. Park legaly they will ticket cars in Handicap, Red Zones, Cross walks. There is a school across the street and school police to watch how you park.                                  

Proper Dress! 

No one wants to play with a person who could not bother to dress well. Certain events are costume parties it is not required to be in costume but is classy to do so. You are attending an upscale event, please dress for it!

"Live the Fantasy"

 Erotic Garden Party

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