We do not have many rules at Erotic Garden but here are the ones we do have

  1. No means NO. This means if you ask someone to play and they say no, do not continue to try to convince them to say yes! It is a personal thing and no one likes a pest. Move on to another couple if they change their minds they will let you know. 
  2. Take the high road.  If someone says or dose something you do not like. Let them and it go. They were not in your life a few minutes before and if you let it go they will soon be gone.
  3. Bring problems to Bob, Nan, Alex ore one of the Staff here at EG. Let us deal with it.  We can't fix something if we do not know it was wrong.
  4. Don't drink and Drive. We will supply you a place to sleep it off. I ticket is over $10,000 no reason to get it here.
  5. Don't leave to tired to drive. Sleepy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving. We will find you a place to sleep till you can drive safely.
  6. Don't be Rude, pushy or abusive. To anyone. Including the one you came with. Keep it sweet, nice and kind. NO FIGHTING OR PLAY FIGHTING OR ROUGH HOUSING
  7. Do not change or turn off lights, music, drapes, spa, beds or sofas.  
  8. One (1) Person in the Restroom at a time. NO SEX IN THE RESTROOM OR SPA
  9. No Drama   If you feel the need to bring problems to the party stay home. This is about having a good time. Meeting new people and having new experinces with new people.

The term lifestyle can denote the interests, opinions, behaviors, and behavioral orientations of an individual, group, or culture. Swingers can be couples (married or not) or singles. 
Swingers seem to have a sexually free spirits. Couples tend to be in love with each other, and only "share" each other sexually with others. Sometimes this means "swapping wives" sometimes it means "group sex". Not all of us are ment to live a life of sexual repression that is offered up by today's standards... It is not cheating if you are sharing. 

Many come to the party and do not play, they tend to use the party to enhance their sex lives with each other. Parties are very sexy and it is hard not to want to play around so watch out when you get home.

Many think that this is a Guy thing but the reality is that the women are the ones that make all this happen. Women Rule and men drool is the saying at parties. While some men may be BI most are not willing to go there or to admit it. While women are welcome to be Bi and it may make them more attractive to many couples and many women come to find and play with other  Bi-women. 

There is no "rule" that makes you a swinger. It is more of a realization in your mind that you want more from life and are willing to find it and share it with the person you love. 

​What is The Lifestyle

 Some of the terms used in the LifeStyle

AC/DC - Bi-Sexual Person(s) 
Arts - Fetishes 
B&D or BD - Bondage and Discipline 
Back Door - Anal Sex 
BBW - Big Beautiful Woman. Larger than average woman that is very beautiful regardless of size or weight. 
BDSM - Bondage - Discipline - SadoMasochism 
BI or Bisexual - Someone that enjoys sex with both men and women. 
Bi-Curious - Someone that is curious, interested in or has had limited Bisexual experience. 
Bondage - The practice of restraining a person(s) for sexual pleasure. 
Can Entertain - Someone that has a private location and is willing to invite others over. 
Can Travel - Someone that is willing to travel, generally beyond an hours drive. 
CD - Cross Dresser - Person who sometimes wears clothing associated with the opposite sex, generally used by men. 
Clean - Diseases and Drug Free 
Cougar - An older woman who sexually pursues men significantly younger than herself. Some definitions define the age difference as at least 8 years. 
Couple - Two people, generally one male, one female. 
CPL - Couple 
Cunnilingus - Oral stimulation of the vagina/clitoris 
DD - Clean, disease and drug free. 
Discipline - Spanking, bondage or similar practice intended to arouse sexual desire. 
DP - Double Penetration, simultanious Vaginal and Anal. 

drama- Bringing personal problems  with you to share withothers
DVP - Double Vaginal Penetration - Two penises in one vagina. 
Entertain - Can Entertain 
Exhibitionism - Showing off in public, involving nudity. 
F - Female 
Fellation - Oral stimulation of the penis 
Fetish - Sexual stimulation via non sexual acts or objects. 
Full Swap - A couple that enjoys sexual pleasure with others that includes anything up to AND including intercourse. 
FWB - Friends With Benefits: Friends who have casual sex without any kind of commitment. 
Gay - Homosexual, generally a male, but not always. 
GBM - Gay Black Man 
GWM - Gay White Male 
Heterosexual - One who enjoys and has sex with only the opposite sex. 
Homosexual - One who enjoys and has sex with only the same sex. 
Hotwife - A happily married woman that enjoys having sex outside the marriage with the full support of her husband. The husband is generally monogamous with his wife and may or may not watch her with other men. 
Hung - One with a large penis 
HWP - Height/Weight Proportionate. Someone that is not overweight or underweight. 
ISO - In Search Of 
Lesbian - Gay women. 
LTR - Long Term Relationship 
M - Male 
MBC - Married Black Couple 
MBiC - Married Bi Couple 
MILF - Mother I'd Like (to) Fuck 
Moresome - More than four. 
MWC - Married White Couple 
NSA - No Strings Attached 
Off-Premise - A swing club or party where there are no designated locations for play. This may or may not exclude the activity from actually taking place. 
P/P - Photo/Phone 
S&M or SM - Sadism/Masochism 
Safe - Someone that is not at risk for becoming or causing a pregnancy. 
SBF - Single Black Female 
SBiF - Single Bi Female 
SBiM - Single Bi Male 
SBM - Single Black Male 
SGL - Single 
Sodomy - Usually Anal sex, possibly forced. 
Soft Swing/Swingers - A couple that enjoys sexual pleasure with others that includes anything up to but not including intercourse. 
STD - Sexually Transmitted Disease. 
STR8 or STR or Straight - Straight, a Heterosexual person. 
Swap or Swapping - Two couples exchanging partners 
SWF - Single White Female 
swingfest - 
SWM - Single White Male 
Unicorn - Slang for a single, generally bi-sexual female that participates in the lifestyle. Referred to as a "unicorn" because they are so rare. 
Versatile - Bisexual 
Voyeur or Voyeurism - One who enjoys watching. 
Water Sports - Urination involving sexual stimulation. 


​​ .The basic rules for swingers