This is a Sexually charged party. You need to be polite, clean, well dressed and on your best manners. 


May attend parties here after you go through a screening process.  NO one will just "Show Up" and expect to get in. You must be a Single Male Member to attend the party. You will need to TEXT Bob @ 916 548 8102 to Start the process.

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 No Fighting: 

Just walk away. It is not worth being kicked out. Bring problems to me or one of the staff. Any fighting will result in the Sheriff being called to settle it. 

Attending the party as a single male is a privilege.  Not everyone wants single men there.   If you are ask to leave a area, stop watching. or to move back, do it then. Do not take it farther asking why or giving an explanation just GO. If we get into it you will most likely go home?

Erotic GArden is Fun